Bassnectar back to Electric Forest in 2015?

Bassnectar back to Electric Forest in 2015?

If you are a fan of rumors and cryptic messages, here you go.

This was sent to us by a fan. While it isn’t a confirmation, Lorin has never been known to lead people on. Basically, if he isn’t playing he usually just responds with a “No”.

Take it for what it’s worth, but we would say this makes him seem more likely for a return to EF in 2015.IMG_0996.JPG

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  1. Basehead
    Basehead2 years ago

    I’m totally a basehead, love the base!

  2. charlie
    charlie2 years ago

    I recieved a ribbon at msg for basscenter that said see you in the forest….i doubt lorin wrote it but it could be in reference to the ambassadors and nectar being there

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