Electric Forest survives by 3-2 vote for 2015 return.

Electric Forest survives by 3-2 vote for 2015 return.

-Originally written by Valerie Lee for the Dancing Astronaut-

Though Double JJ Ranch and AEG came to a promising agreement earlier this year to keep Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan for a decade to come, the festival’s annual return still remains at the mercy of the Grant Township to approve and pass a mass gathering permit each year. By a narrow split vote (3-2), it looks as though Electric Forest will officially return in 2015.

Though the event has now been locked in, the decision was not reached without controversy. Despite staggering statistics of over 34,000 attendees and economic benefits gained from Electric Forest like road repairs and local revenue, several of the five-member board voiced their rather conservative perspectives and general disapproval of the festival.

“Money doesn’t make evil right,” Township treasurer Joanne Heck stated. “I’m voting against it.” Similarly, another member voted ‘no’ in effort to “represent those that the event offends.” Saved by one final swing vote listing financial gain as a “benefit to all,” Electric Forest received the necessary mass gathering permit for the upcoming year, but will continue to face a yearly evaluation and vote in order to continue as planned. Electric Forest is scheduled for June 25th to 28th in 2015.

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